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Brief Report  on the AGM held on Monday 26th January 2015

"Yesterday was an important milestone in identifying the future of BPCV. We agreed that the outcome of two key issues needed to be known before a final decision on continuation of the organisation is decided.  These issues are:

(1) Insurance Claim.  We need to know for certain whether this will progress any further. There are a number of questions to be asked about the role of the insurance companies involved, and their respective responsibilities concerning meeting the claim we have made.  Dorian Franklin, our Finance Officer, will pursue these issues.

(2) All Saints’ School, Bath Place.  We need to know for certain that the site will be unavailable to us.  There are uncertainties about the nature of the sale that has just been made, particularly as we believed that successful planning permission was a condition of the sale.  To our knowledge the planning process has not yet begun.  This matter will be pursued by our WCC Councillors with the Leader of the Council.

Once we have clear answers to these questions BPCV will call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in April after Easter to finalise BPCV’s position.  Clearly if we have negative answers to the above questions then it is likely the Board will recommend closure of BPCV’s Charity and Company as the cost and purpose of sustaining these will pointless.  It might be possible to continue the organisation on a virtual basis.  If we have a positive response to the above questions then the Board will propose a radical shake up of the management and governance structure, and the new policies to be adopted within our charitable framework.

On more mundane issues the AGM agreed to approve the formal agenda items (Trustees Report, Annual Statement of Accounts 2013/14, Notes of the last AGM).  The Board also agreed to continue in post until the proposed EGM when formal re-election will be required.

On financial matters the Meeting agreed that current balances should be used to maintain the present financial service, and meet any routine bills. Distribution to any outstanding creditors would take place as a final act on closure (if necessary) of the business.  We also agreed to retain our financial files for the statutory six years, given the kind offer of help for storage from WDC, and to clear our storage container at a small cost.

Finally we were very pleased to welcome two Warwick University students who relayed their plans, and actions taken, to develop a community cafe idea.  Jonothon Weare agreed to help with possible funding from the Mary Portas scheme, and a meeting will be set up shortly with the students to discuss and promote their ideas."

David Williams
(Chair – BPCV Board of Trustees)

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