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Bath Place Community Venture Ltd Annual General Meeting

Monday 26th January 2015, 6:45pm

To be held at ESH Works Ltd, 9A Althorpe Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 2AU at 6.45 p.m. for refreshments.

Meeting starts promptly at 7.15 p.m.


A. To approve the Minutes of the AGM on 22ndApril 2014, and to consider any Matters Arising from these, if not otherwise on the Agenda.

B. Trustees and Directors

(1)  To appoint/Re-appoint the Chair of BPCV Board of Trustees, David Williams. 
(2)  To appoint/re-appoint Trustees/Directors, Cllr Janice Dean, Chris White MP, Nick Rabson.
(3) To invite new Trustee/Directors to the Board.

C. To receive and approve the Report of the Trustees 2013-2014.

D. To receive and approve the Annual Statement of Accounts 2013-2014 (a full copy will be laid on the table for inspection at the meeting).

E. To appoint auditors/independent oversight of the 2014/2015 accounts.

F. The formal meeting will be followed by updates about:

-the end result of BPCV’s bid for its former site at All Saints’ School, Bath Place.
-the current financial position of BPCV.
-clearance and disposal of BPCV furniture, equipment, and files
-the status of BPCV’s insurance claim following the County Court hearing on 15/01/2014

G.  The meeting will be invited to discuss future options for the continuation of BPCV, and in what form.

H.  Any Other Business (to be notified in advance if possible).

The meeting will close at approximately 8.45 p.m.

David Williams
(Chair of the BPCV Board of Trustees)

1st January 2015

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