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Meet the Team


The organisation is currently in turn around mode and the board is fulfilling it’s duties, improving operational management recruiting a Charity and Business Development Manager- Melissa Rood - a local business woman/educator who has a track record of working in project management of large and small scale projects in partnership with WCC and heritage education and working to build a strong foundation with more organized systems.

The Project Manager Clayton Denwood has extensive experience in setting up teams and running construction and renovation projects and has 20 years experience in the building trade working on large scale projects such as the Museum of Natural History and Imperial College of London and was a key component in the refurbishment of The Royal Theatre in Bath as well as the rebuild of the Veggie table café in The Old Library.

The finance manager Dorian Franklin is a qualified accountant who has previous experience as both a commercial and managing director of large companies has been with BPCV for the past 8 years. Additional support in bookkeeping and sage specialist will rapidly accelerate improvements in financial control and reporting.

The room hire manager Mary Powers has a business development and operational role and has been with BPCV for around 3 years. Over the past few months working with the Charity Coordinator she has delivered operational improvement.

The management is responsible for its own volunteers.

Together with the Charity Coordinator the board has formulated a practical plan for achieving further improvement and will continue to be involved in operational and Board scrutiny for the foreseeable future.

The Board of Trustees (roles are distributed to ensure the smooth running of BPCV.)

The Board consists of 7 voting Trustees and other persons attend as advisors by invitation according to the nature of the business under discussion. The Board manages both the Charity and the Company as one entity with minor variations to meet with formal Registration requirements. As required by law the Board hold an Annual General Meeting in February, which is held in public. Other Board meetings take place as needed – usually on a monthly basis.

1. Chair and Governance - David Williams. Retired past roles have included European Officer for WCC, specialising in funding and project development, WCC economic development assistant, committee services officer. Director of Social Services, Birmingham City Council -responsible for 500 staff.

2. Chris White – Minister of Parliament for Warwick & Leamington. Sponsor of Social Value Bill and previous BPCV Volunteer

3. Vice Chair/Legal – Dr Janice Dean. Long-standing board member. Labour councilor for Warwick District Council and professor in company law at Warwick University.

4. Secretary and HR - Melissa Rood.  A local businesswoman who has a track record of working in Corporate and Charity project management of large and small-scale projects in partnership with WCC and Heritage Education

5. Treasurer - Nick Rabson. Long standing board member, volunteer and service user. Law graduate Oxford University

6. Old Town Lead for Mary Portas - Jeremy Ireland

7. Marketing Strategy – Antonia Glenton. Founder and Director of BellaBo Creations
Marketing/Social Media expert. 14 years experience with various advertising/digital agencies and working directly for clients. Experience in maximising donation revenue streams for small charities and has helped a variety of not for profits over the years.

8. Planning Law – Liz Drake. Town Planner and wedding photographer

9. Mediation Support - Judith Halliday Leader of MACS group

10. Community Arts - Fran Godwin. Founder member and director of the award winning Community Arts Workshop.

11. IT and Web Resources - Johnathon Weare - Director of Greengeek. A local not-for-profit computer warehouse outlet for recycling, sales, repair and services.

12. Website building and maintenance – Peter Blackledge

BPCV will retain a focus on developing the board in the next 5 years. The board of trustees needs to be as effective as possible. Development goals for the Board include: